Minor continent map progress ; Humans of Thyrdain (part II)

Hi guys! How are you all doing?

First of all, I’d like to show my latest WIP image of the map for the Thyrdain setting. Here it is:

Part of Laranya & Druhk Mvwrahk

That is basically the final parchment texture I’ll be using. I’m just going to give it a more worn out look once all the drawing is done.

With that said, let’s cut to the chase to the REAL subject of today’s post:

Human Societies (part II)

Today I’ll write about the Jards, the northernmost people of Thyrdain. They live in a land of snowy rocks called Jarmund, wich is more a large group of different allied but independent tribes than a nation. Each tribe is similar enough in both appearance and culture to be seen as exactly the same by non-Jards, but there are many subtle differences between them. Jarmund borders with Laranya to the south, on an area dominated by a Taiga biome. The vegetation turns to Tundra to the north, and eventually the low temperatures turn the landscape into a frozen wasteland.

The Jards themselves are taller, burlier and hairier (even the women) than their other human cousins. The harsh climate of the north made them very hardy. Their hair can be wavy or straight (although such individuals rarely have clean enought hair for it to be noticeable), with diverse colors like medium and light brown, red, blond and other variations. Their skin is almost always fair and their eyes can be brown, grey, blue or, rarely, green.

The people of Jarmund, whose culture haven’t changed much in the last centuries, are strongly traditional. Each tribe has a chief who is always the best warrior of the tribe – the position is not hereditary. When the chief dies, the warriors of the tribe gather to decide the most suitable successor. If a consensus can’t be reached (and it almost never can), the matter is settled with a duel – or a series of duels. Jards love stories, but don’t have a strong writing tradition. Tales are passed from generation to generation. Religion-wise, they venerate an extensive pantheon of gods, of whom the most important is Durgjar, the god of the mountains. They, however, don’t pray much, and priests are rare.

Jards value prowess in battle, and have little proficiency in diplomacy. They obtain most of their food by hunting, and although they do have a few farms on the fertile lands of the south of Jarmund, they are insufficient. Therefore, they are constantly raiding laranyan settlements for food. They also take as many captives as possible. These unfortunate souls are sold to rich Zhalnian merchants, for the Jards themselves find the use of slaves unsavory.

Well, that’s all I have for today! Remember, everything I write here is a mere WIP. I’m still working on other details and changing a lot of stuff!

Anyway, see you guys later!


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One response to “Minor continent map progress ; Humans of Thyrdain (part II)”

  1. Leo says :

    I like the map! One way to break up the “pattern” of the parchment and make it look more worn would be to find a photo of a piece of parchment maybe with holes in it and overlay it (or multiply it) over the map. I love the hand drawn style; it looks great!

    The info about the Jards is also really interesting. I like how you’ve really thought out some interesting stuff, and it looks to me like you’re drawing on warrior Celtic tribes. You’ve left some tantalizing vagueness in your writing; I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with the details!

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