Much improved Dwarf drawing ; Humans of Thyrdain (part I)

Dwarf 2

The masterpiece is done!

… Okay, maybe not THAT better. And totally NOT ripped off from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook (*cough*).

Anyway, I haven’t done much work on the map of Thyrdain that is worth posting. Mostly just effects and textures tests, nothing fancy… What I HAVE done is flesh out the world a bit more. I won’t go into the details of anything, because I still don’t have those details. I’ll just be giving you guys a brief overview on various subjects. So, let’s get started!

The Human Societies (part I)

h are three major human ethnic groups in Thyrdain: The Athesians, Jards and Zhalnians.

The Athesians are the dominant humans of Thyrdain. Their hair usually varies in color from light brown to pitch black, and their eyes can be light or dark brown. They have fairly light, but not pale, skin. Athesians occupate the whole east-central and southwestern areas of the continent, although they don’t all belong to the same nation. The southwest contais two countries: Warysia and Eldecia. Warysia is known for its navigators and for having the most powerful navy in Thyrdain (the only one including dreadnoughts). They practice rather large cultivation of wheat, tobacco and olives, and also have many fisheries. Warysia’s eastern neighbour is Eldecia, a country with extensive fields of grapes. Their wine is very famous, and belongs to a very old national tradition. Eldecians also cultivate wheat, and obtain most of their meat by hunting local animals, like deers and boars. They have the most efficient trackers and hunters known in the realm, surpassing even the elven archers: the Falconeers (a possible Prestige Class in the future). The warysians and eldecians enjoy a civil mercantile relationship, and hostility between the two countries is very rare.

In the east-central region of Thyrdain lies the athesian nation of Laranya. The laranyans keep large herds of sheep and – in a lesser but still large scale – cattle that supply them with meat, milk, fleece and leather. The country also has some rather large iron mines in its northeast region. Laranya also borders Druhk Mvwrahk, the dwarven nation. They have developed a close bond with the dwarves, selling them cloth and meat, and buying high quality weapons and armor of dwarven make. Laranya has to keep its military very well trained and equipped, for they are constantly suffering attacks from the Jards of Jarmund at their northern borders, who seek their resources and sometimes captures their peasants as slaves.

Athesians in general are loyal to their respective countries, but don’t usually have a stric loyalty code like the dwarves. They are well organised but not obsessively, and their personality varies much more than the other humans of Thyrdain. They are versatile, and have great soldiers and merchants. They worship a single god, called Eteo (almost always refered to as the ‘Creator’), an almighty and lawful entity.

Well, that is it for now! Hope you guys enjoyed it! In the next post about the world of Thyrdain, I’ll be taking about the second human group, the Jards.

Until then, farewell!


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One response to “Much improved Dwarf drawing ; Humans of Thyrdain (part I)”

  1. GSilvério says :

    Funny how at first I wrote “easter cousins” instead of “eastern neighbours”! Made me laugh out loud when I noticed (fixed)!

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