Defined name ; Race profile: Dwarves

Hey, y’all!

Today’s post is, in contrast to the previous ones, not about map-making. It’s more about the world-building of my campaign setting.

First of all, I’d like to say that the setting name has been defined: Thyrdain. And now, the important part: I’m going to start making profiles for the different races of Thyrdain, and I’ll be posting all of them here in the blog. So let’s get started with today’s race: the Dwarves!

I started with Dwarves because there aren’t much changes I’m making to them if compared to traditional fantasy dwarves. The reason why is because they are generally my favorite default, traditional race, and I mostly like them the way they are. That said, there are a few details I’d like to adress.

Behold my amazing drawing skills!

The dwarves of Thyrdain are a reclusive bunch. They are hardy, stoic and loyal, famous for their grumpiness, crafting gifts and drinking skills. Their homeland is the mountain country Druhk Mvwrahk (Shield of The World, in ancient Dwarven).

Dwarven society is divided in three great clans: the Shield Clan, made of warriors, the Gem Clan, composed of artisans of all kinds, and the Wheel clan, formed by merchants. They are governed by a council of elected representatives from each clan. The council deals with all the civil and military questions, and also functions as a tribunal.

WIP of the Dwarven alphabet

The dwarves are very pragmatical. They don’t venerate any gods, and the closest they have to a religion is their fervorous devotion in honoring their ancestors’ wishes. Besides being naturally unable to wield arcane magic, their almost atheistic view of the world also renders them incapable of casting divine magic.

The dwarves’ inability in magical prowess has led to several technological advances, as they had the need to equal their power to the other races. Examples of those advances are the Full-Plate Armors and the Flintlock Firearms. Firearms are especially expensive and difficult to make, especially considering the dwarves never use any kind of wood.

And that’s it for the Dwarves! Of course, it’s still under development, so I may add/modify a lot of stuff.



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